Pyxis Biologix, Inc. is a private biotechnology company based out of Irvine, CA. We manufacture proprietary recombinant proteins, peptides and other small organic molecules, and research their unique secretagogue properties. These compounds naturally occur in the body, and are used to communicate and coordinate functions within the body. When an individual enters a disease state, their ability to produce these compounds is impaired. Pyxis Biologix aims to identify and develop peptides and proprietary blends that will aid the body in fighting disease and returning to a physiologically balanced state.  All peptides are for invitro purposes.  Peptides are blended into a transdermal gel for research use only. We aspire to collaborate with the biomedical field and develop proprietary peptides with beneficial indications. Pyxis Biologix cultivates an open and authentic workspace, encouraging creativity, friendship and collaboration.

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