Hormone Deficiencies

Stress is a major contributing factor to hormone deficiencies. When we are constantly stressed, this eventually wears down on the body. The hormone producing organs in the body become overworked and are unable to rest and recover. This begins to impair function, and can even lead to long-term damage. This can manifest in anxiety, depression, appetite and libido changes and fatigue.

Unfortunately, stress and stress-related hormone decline are usually left untreated. The symptoms of hormone decline are simply brushed off as everyday stress, and they’re ignored. When they are treated, conventional medicine uses hormone replacement therapy. By supplementing the body’s hormone reserve, this does alleviate some symptoms of deficient hormones. However, the body closely monitors hormone levels, and does not produce hormones when there are adequate concentrations. Therefore, replacement hormones trick the body into no longer making hormones for itself, which can lead to further complications.

EndoTest™ is a proprietary peptide blend formulated and under developement by Pyxis Biologix. 

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