Human growth hormone (HGH) is an endocrine hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. It functions both in adolescents and adults. It prevents the signs of aging, maintains fat and muscle mass levels, strengthens the heart and maintains sex drive. HGH production naturally decreases with age, however production can also be altered by hypothalamic disease, surgery, radiation therapy or trauma. Low levels of HGH can stunt growth in children, and is the natural cause of aging in adults.

Traditionally, abnormal HGH production is treated with exogenous growth hormone (GH) therapy. This usually involves growth hormone injections. For a patient who is unable to produce HGH, this method is safe and effective. However, with patients who have functioning pituitary glands, this type of therapy can alter the body’s ability to make HGH. This can cause unwanted side effects such as abdominal distention and acromegaly (enlarged fingers, bones and organs)

Endogenous GH therapy utilizes proteins that promote the body to make HGH. These compounds are ideal for patients with intact pituitary glands, regardless of age, as they stimulate HGH production. 

Pyxis Biologix is currently developing EndoGH™, a proprietary peptide blend with endogenous GH therapy potential.

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