Transdermal Delivery

The integument (skin) is the largest organ in the body. However, using it as a site for drug administration (transdermal administration) is very challenging. The skin is thick, and does not allow many compounds to passively migrate through and into the body.

Liposomes are small spheres made of phospholipids, and are able to be absorbed through the skin. Therapeutic proteins can be inserted within these phospholipid spheres, allowing for transdermal delivery of therapeutic compounds. Studies have shown therapeutic compounds inserted into liposomes are able to pass through the skin and significantly increase endogenous hormone levels.

Pyxis Biologix, Inc. currently utilizes liposomes for transdermal therapy, and is researching how to further optimize transdermal delivery. Using nano-sized liposomes, Pyxis Biologix formulates transdermal products, able to deliver therapeutic compounds through the skin and into the blood stream. Transdermal products are safe and much less painful than injections and other administration techniques. These products cause a tingling sensation, however it fades over the course of use.  These products are currently under research and development.

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